BrewDog to Open DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio, The World’s First Crowdfunded Craft Beer Hotel

Scottish craft brewers BrewDog is currently raising funds through Indiegogo to build the DogHouse, the world’s first combination brewery and hotel in Columbus, Ohio. While BrewDog is very well-known throughout Europe, this is their very first location in the United States. The brewery itself will focus primarily on crafting sour beers, while the hotel will bring the beer theme indoors.

Our first craft brewery in the US launched this year in Columbus, Ohio. We are now offering the opportunity to get involved in the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel, attached to a brand new sour beer facility, all located on our site in Columbus. DogHouse will have craft beer at its core. We have already started work developing some craft beer spa treatments, with bespoke hop oils (to emulate your favorite beers) and malted barley massages, as well as a ‘hoppy feet’ pedicure to put a spring in your step before a brewery tour .

BrewDog has also started selling shares of Equity for Punks to help fund their efforts in the US.

DogHouse Features

DogHouse Exterior

DogHouse Room


Beer Fridge

via BrewDog