Boxkitty, Connectable Cardboard Walls That Create Customizable Modular Houses for Cats


Boxkitty is a clever line of cardboard cutouts that connect via sticky tabs to form customizable and changeable houses for cats. The creators are currently raising funds through Indiegogo in order to build their brand and start a full production run.

BOX KITTY is the best way for a cat and owner to have fun, playing and relaxing; first you get to build a unique cat house to your design, and then you get to relax and watch while your cat plays and relaxes in their new castle. And when you feel like a change, it’s as easy a pulling off some tabs, rearranging some pieces and sticking the tabs back on, a new cat house in minutes!




images via Boxkitty

via Contemporist

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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