A Cleverly Punny Bow TIE Fighter Necktie

Bow Tie Fighter

Mike MacWolff of Kilted Katana Creations in Hinkley, Ohio has created a very cleverly punny “Bow TIE Fighter”, featuring a bow tie that sports the wings of the Star Wars Imperial Twin Ion Engine Fighter as the bows, and the pilot cockpit pod as the knot.

This print comes in three different styles – classic TIE, TIE Interceptor, and TIE Advanced. Additionally, the tie can be clip-on or with adjustable neckbands. It is also available as a headband for those who choose not to wear a tie.

The Bow TIE Fighter in all its iterations is available for purchase through the KiltedKatana Etsy shop.

Be the most fashionable Star Wars nerd around with this awesome TIE-fighter print bow tie, that doubles as a visual pun! Great as a gift or as a treat for yourself, because let’s be real, everyone needs a nerdy bow tie or two in their closet. And as a bonus, they’re available as hair bows!

Bow Tie Fighter TIE Interceptor

Bow Tie Fighter TIE Advanced

via The Green Head

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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