A Highly Detailed Boombox Candle Based on the JVC RC M90 From the Cover of LL Cool J’s First Album

RC M90 Boombox Candle

Custom British candlemaker Cent.Ldn took their inspiration from rapper LL Cool J‘s first album Radio and created a highly realistic wax version of the JVC RC M90 boombox that was featured on the album cover. The Beastie Boys also used the same model.

It is still to this day considered “The King” of the Boom Box, making this now an iconic Hip hop staple! Hand-poured & crafted in London, UK. Making the perfect addition to your work or living space.

This hand poured candle version comes in cream/off white, features three wicks, weighs a hefty 1900 grams (a little more than 4 pounds), and can be ordered online.

Each candle is made to order and is produced by our wax craft team. When each candle is poured & crafted it is left with its own individuality due to the nature of the process. There may be elements of your candle which has slight imperfections

Boombox Candle Detail

Here’s the boombox on the album cover for LL Cool J’s Radio.

LL Cool J Radio

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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