A Tiny Blind Kitten Learns How to Follow His Human Around the Room Through Touch, Sound and Smell

A teeny tiny orange kitten named YoYo happily learned how to follow his new and beloved dance tutor human Lauren DiPaolo around her Staten Island studio by depending on his other senses.

Blind cats truly require NO special treatment. They are just amazing and awesome. This video is a prime example of how they can easily find their way around by using their other senses.

Once he got a hang of it, YoYo adorably chased after DiPaolo’s swinging foot during a lesson.

The DiPaolos quite generously provide a home to six special needs kitties, including YoYo.

Little Man has CH & cannot walk, Mika’s The Blind Beauty, Mac’s a Gremlin, Leela’s 1 Eyed, YoYo’s blind & Selita’s a Seal.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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