A Mischievous Little Bird Gleefully Tosses Grapes From the Refrigerator Onto the Kitchen Floor

When his human stepped out of the room to take a phone call, a beautiful but mischievous little white-bellied caique (parrot) named Jalapeño Pancake immediately jumped inside his human’s refrigerator and gleefully tossed the grapes that were sitting in a cup directly onto the kitchen floor.

was making Jalapeno’s dinner so I had the fridge opened. I went to go change the song on my phone which was on the kitchen table. That’s when I heard him fly in the fridge and the first grapes fell out seconds after! I grabbed my phone to record and well, he was in a spicy mood and had a great time making a mess.

Jalapeño seems to love rearranging household items, as demonstrated by his fascination with various storage cupboards.

He also had quite the time tearing apart an egg carton.