A Persistent Little Girl Tries to Teach Herself to Dive by Copying a Snobbish But Talented Diver in ‘Belly Flop’

Penny Belly Flop Triggerfish Animation

“Belly Flop” is an award-winning short film by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon of Triggerfish Animation Studios that features an adorably persistent little girl in a striped bathing suit named Penny who fearlessly tries to teach herself to dive. Her inspiration is a snobbish, but talented blonde girl who effortlessly executes complicated dives at increasingly higher levels. Penny attempts to follow the diver’s lead, but can only manage tremendous belly flops, which she learns can sometimes come in handy.

Belly Flop is the heart-warming story of Penny, a fearless young girl learning to dive, unperturbed by a talented diver who keeps stealing the spotlight.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips