Beep, A Silicon Cover for Streaming Remotes With a Built-In Locator That Beeps When a Button Is Pushed

Jenn and Brett Epstein of True Bloom LLC (previously) have created “Beep”, a handy silicon cover for streaming device remotes that pairs with a small, transmitter to trigger an audible alert indicating where it is. The transmitter conveniently adheres to any solid surface and has a handy button that sends out a signal to the locator function on the remote cover, which makes it go “beep”.

Beep is a protective silicone sleeve for your streaming remote with a built-in locator which you trigger by pushing one easy button. Lose the remote, press the Beep button (which is an adhesive-backed button you stick to a coffee table, nightstand drawer, back of the tv, etc) and listen for your remote to Beep. …Lose the remote, press the Beep button, find the remote.

The Epsteins are currently raising funds through Kickstarter to bring “The Beep” to market before the holidays.

The design is completed. Prototypes are in-hand. We want to get these products out before the holidays. But so does everyone else, so there’s always a chance that there could be logistical delays. We take our schedule commitments very seriously and we have attempted to plan for any contingency, but sometimes problems are unforeseen and out of our control causing delays.

Beep Silicon Sleeve

Beep Nightstand

Beep Silicon Sleeve

Beep TV

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips