Playful Rescued Bear Chases After His Human to Get a Hold of a Yummy Melting Cone of Ice Cream

A very playful rescued juvenile bear named Tom happily chased after his human Sergey Karsanov in order to get a hold of the melting vanilla ice cream cone in Karsonov’s left hand. Tom caught up with Karsonov and gobbled the cone in less than a minute. While the scene was staged, it showed how gentle Tom is.

This is a circus bear Tom, he is 1.5 years old. He is very kind and not dangerous. We decided to do such a video as he runs after me and then eats ice cream.

Karsanov remixed the video with greater sound effects and a surprise ending featuring Karsoyan’s adorable French bulldog Theodore.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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