Barbarian Bar Tool, A Nine-in-One Multipurpose Home Mixology Tool That Includes a Working Juice Press

The Barbarian by Barbarian Bar Tools is a nine-in-one multipurpose mixology tool that is shaped as a working juice press and includes a jigger, zester, channel knife, bottle opener, citrus knife, one-inch knife, can lance, corkscrew, and lever. Another tool they offer is called the SIMPLE Tool, which is a “slim design of stainless steel incorporating 5 different tools: a channel knife, zester, can lance, can tab lifter and a bottle opener.” Founder JC Davis is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the Barbarian Tools to market.

Both of our SIGNATURE tools are stylish in design and look timeless on any bar while also fitting easily into a drawer, eliminating clutter and time spent searching for your favorite tool. Stylish, functional, and space-saving, the Barbarian Bar Tools collection is exactly what you have always needed. …Right now our focus is getting these tools to our customers, and we need your help. The Simple Tool is complete and is being packaged – estimated delivery: February 2015. The Barbarian manufacturing has begun and will be available for shipping April 2015. Money raised from this campaign will go toward the order and shipment of the Barbarian multi-use juicer.

Barbarian 9 Tools

The Barbarian


Barbarian Tools

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