Detailed Portraits, Images and Paintings Created Out of Colorful Edible Ingredients on Slices of Toast

Japanese designer Manami Sasaki creates beautiful portraits, images, and paintings upon simple slices of toast using colorful items of food and utensils to build the design. Her creations included a rock garden made out of sour cream, nuts, and matcha, a Pantone color chip made out of avocado, sour cream, and baked seaweed, and replication of “Nihon Buyo” lithograph by Ikko Tanaka made with sour cream, seaweed, tomato, basil, paprika, purple cabbage, and ketchup.

(translated) The theme for the 7th day was “Nihon Buyo (1981)” by Ikko Tanaka. Eighteen years have passed since the death, but even now, the coolest and most fascinating attraction is! The ingredients are sour cream, seaweed, tomato, basil, paprika, purple cabbage, Use ketchup for the cheek gradation. After grilling, the grid collapses and it has a bad face.

via Spoon and Tamago

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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