Zippy Racing Tardigrades by Archie McPhee

Racing Tardigrades

Novelty retailer Archie McPhee has introduced a colorful set of Racing Tardigrades. Unlike their previous squishy version of the species, these adorably tiny water bears have wheels that can zip around in no time at all.

Okay, when we designed these pull-back Racing Tardigrades, we realized that tardigrades aren’t really known for their speed. Their claim to fame is as the most popular, and cutest, microscopic creatures in the world right now.

Racing Tardigrades Track

These zippy microscopic creatures are available in a set of four and are also available to buy in bulk size.

Buy your Racing Tardigrades in bulk! These 2-3/4” long, soft vinyl and plastic Racing Tardigrades prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to zipping across a table.

Racing Tardigrades Box