Animated Stick Figures Chase an Invading Q*Bert Inside of a Classic Pac-Man Arcade Game

The persistent stick figures from Alan Becker‘s animated series Animator vs. find themselves stuck inside of a raucous game of Pac-Man after they notice that an errant Q*Bert step out of his realm and invades.

The five stick figures came upon a vintage arcade game console, fixed it and found themselves enjoying iconic games from the Golden Age. After scrolling through the various games, they noticed that Q*Bert started appearing where he shouldn’t.

One stick figure literally climbed right into the Pac-Man game and the others soon followed. Sadly, they couldn’t stop the of foul-mouthed creature before he shot a Space Invader at them and then swallowed the console whole. This led to a frantic chase across all the games until they found Q*Bert at home.

QBert Animation vs Arcade Games