Siamese Cat, Two Dogs, Mini Horse and Micro Pig Get a Pampering Spa Treatment by Their Beloved Human

Emma Massingale, a Liberty horse trainer, vlogger and television host, decided to treat her smaller animals to a much-needed spa day.

Each of the animals received a series of pampering treatments designed to relax the animals.

Louis the Siamese cat received a manicure and hot stone treatment, Inca the dachshund wore a refreshing facial mask, Nancy the Dalmatian was given a floral foot bath, Percy the miniature horse was given a detoxifying facial treatment and Luigi the pig luxuriated in a lovely bubble bath.

My lovely pets get a well-deserved pampering session! *All products used were made for animals so totally natural *

Pig in a Bubble Bath

Doxie Face Mask

Siamese Cat Manicure

Mini Horse Facial

Dalmation Foot Bath

Dalmation and Mini Horse

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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