Legendary Ancient Ruins Visually Reconstructed to Their Former Magnificent Glory


The team at Neomam partnered with This Is Render to create an imaginative series for Expedia that visually reconstructed seven iconic ancient ruins to their former magnificent glory. Included in these amazing renderings are The Parthenon, Luxor Temple, Milecastle 39, Temple of Jupiter, The Pyramid of the Sun and Area Sacra di Largo Argentina. Drawing from museum, gallery and encyclopedic sources, these renderings offer insight into the architectural beauty that once was.

Historians, architects and travelers alike marvel at these remnants of time past, but it’s often hard to get a sense of what these spectacular buildings would have looked like at their peak. We decided to step back in time and recreate some of our favorite ancient ruins in their original locations.

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Luxor Temple

Milecastle 39

Nohoch Mul Pyramid

Temple of Jupiter

The Pyramid of the Sun

Area Sacra di Largo Argentina – Temple B

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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