An Unsteady Baby Elephant Takes Her First Wobbly Steps With the Patient Help of Her Herd

In October 2016, an adorably unsteady elephant calf named Elle at the MalaMala Game Reserve had a bit of a time remaining upright while learning how to take her first wobbly steps. Luckily, her very protective siblings stuck close and lifted Elle back up whenever she fell. Eventually, however, Elle learned to walk.

Encouraged by the older siblings in the herd, the infant showed pure determination to get to its feet. After 30 minutes of failed attempts, the wobbly Elle was up, allowing the herd to slowly move off stopping every now and then to allow the calf a short breather.

4 days later, Elle was not only walking with ease, but even rolling around in the mud.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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