Older, Wiser Cat Cautions Young Kitten About Strange Effects That Superbowl Sunday Has on Their Humans

In “Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game,” the latest episode of the “Dear Kitten” series presented BuzzFeed and Friskies, an older, wiser cat voiced by Ze Frank hilariously cautions a young kitten about the concept of Super Bowl Sunday, the odd effect it has upon their otherwise normal humans, and the strange behavior they display.

Dear kitten, the first thing that happens is all these new humans arrive, then they gather up every single thing that we sleep on and then they try to take up as much room as they can, in the dumbest looking way possible. …after they have all assembled in the room with comfortable things, they bring out a cornucopia of human moist food. I’m not totally sure if the objective is to get it into or near the mouth hole. Maybe it’s like bocce, like you get points for being close. It really goes everywhere down their face. …see how some love the humans are wearing traditional robes of some sort. I can’t tell what they signify in terms of status, but I am pretty sure that one is the idiot.