An Intelligent Countertop Oven That Interacts With a Smartphone App for Precision Cooking

Phone and Oven

A computer-based oven that thinks like a chef.

The June Intelligent Oven is a countertop cooking appliance that is able to precisely bake, toast, roast, and broil a variety of different foods with the assistance of an onboard computer with an internal HD camera that interacts via wifi with an upcoming smartphone app. The oven automatically regulates temperature, sends push notifications when the food is done, and even offers live-streamed video updates of the cooking progression.

June is engineered for precision heating. Like cruise control on your car, June continually calculates the power needed to maintain a constant temperature. Food cooks faster while using less energy than traditional ovens. And a core temperature probe alerts you the moment your food is cooked to perfection. …June identifies the food, weighs it, and reads the internal temperature to recommend a cooking program. Your food’s weight and temperature are constantly monitored to ensure a perfectly cooked meal.

The company is currently accepting reservations for the oven at a discounted rate through July 10, 2015.

June Oven



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