An Innovative MIDI-Enabled Cardboard Drum Kit That’s Completely Portable

Obilab in Barcelona, Spain is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to start a second production round of their really innovative MIDI-enabled cardboard drum kits, which are affordable, environmentally-friendly and completely portable.

Drums are well known for being expensive, loud, inconvenient, long to assemble and almost impossible to carry around, for those exact reasons, drum teachers encourage students to make their own, homemade, drum set. That is why we created the DRUMKIT: an ethical instrument that solves these five problematics at the same time.. …These past 8 months have helped us understand our customers, strengthen our partnerships, networks, as well as our team and get a better sense of the challenges we face. But more importantly, we considerably improved the DRUMKIT. That is why WE need you to get to the next step! Creating and selling an entire production in Paris, France, made us aware of what to expect and therefore anticipate. The biggest challenge now is to turn the crafted production into a manufactured one. Being in Barcelona Spain, (known as the cardboard region) helped us secure a strategic partners, including a local factory to begin our growth.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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