An Incredible TARDIS Themed Bathroom in Brooklyn

In the fourth episode of the wonderfully cheeky series Golden Thrones, host Jon DelCollo who seeks out the best public restrooms in the world, stopped in at The Way Station in Brooklyn to explore and eloquently puntificate about their incredible TARDIS-themed loo.

This is a type 40 TARDIS, able to take its passengers to any point in time and space. And fortunately, it’s currently set to take us to a fantastic water closet. …Whether you’re here to execute a Dalek, or just for a River Song, this state-of-the-art control room has all the hardware you need to assist you on any adventure. The white porcelain bowl by AquaSource is beautifully accented by this wood finished seat and lid—which isn’t too wibbly-wobbly, so you won’t be in for a very tough timey-wimey. The translucent windows allow any outsiders to BB-see if someone’s inside. So no one barges in and spots your Sonic Screwdriver.

DelCollo also created a 360° video of this WC, which truly made him a madman with a box.