An Adorable Vegetable Peeler in the Shape of a Smiling Orange Monkey Hanging From a Branch

Monkey Peeler

The Animal House Monkey Peeler by Boston Warehouse is an adorable vegetable peeler shaped like a smiling orange monkey who holds onto the blade as if it were a tree branch upon which to swing. The monkey is part of a large menagerie line of brightly colored animal utensils, such as the Toucan Can Opener, the Turtle Fruit Slicer/Corer and the Pie-Ranha Pizza Cutter.

The bright colors and whimsical postures of Animal House utensils turn any kitchen into a zoo. Kids especially enjoy helping out when they get to use a parakeet garlic press, toucan can opener, or this vivid orange vegetable peeler in the shape of a grinning monkey hanging from a branch. Its upraised arms hold the stainless-steel peeling blade, which swivels to adeptly peel curved surfaces, and the textured body forms a non-slip handle. There’s even a potato-eye remover at one end of the blade.

Monkey Peeler Upright

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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