Alton Brown Makes a Beautiful Pizza Under the Hot Lights of His Mega Sized Easy-Bake Inspired Oven

In an episode of his Popular Science series, the wonderfully quirky food expert and self-proclaimed Thyme Lord Alton Brown tells the sad tale of a boy who really wanted an Easy-Bake Oven but wouldn’t dare ask for one. Instead, he grew up to create his own Mega Bake, a giant-sized version of the lightbulb cooker that he really wanted when he was young and made a beautiful pepperoni pizza.

The memory of cooking with light, that never faded and so when I finally had the engineering skills the design skills in the welding skills and built this. The Mega Bake. …same fantastic color and design but it’s what is under the hood that really matters …oh 100-watt bulb I don’t think so. I think we got a lot more than that. So there are actually a 54 of these par64 rock-and-roll lights, a thousand watts apiece so that’s…54,000 watts. That pulls about 450 amps and generates about 1,026,000 lumens of light, which means if that we took this out on a really clear night and turned it on, you could see it from space