A Transformed Alchemist Laments His Humanity in the Unreal Engine 5 Short Film ‘An Alchemist’s Confession’

“An Alchemist’s Confession” by Cory Williams of Daydream Studios is a short film that features a once-human alchemist who deliberately turned himself into monstrous creature. While he appreciates his magical talents, he laments his humanity and perhaps wishes that he didn’t take on this dark path to immortality.

I was human once, but my obsession with power led me down a dark path. I sought an elixir to transcend mortality, to become something more than human. I concocted it, drank it, and the pain was excruciating. My body contorted bones snatched and flesh twisted until I became this abomination you see.

Williams created the film using Unreal Engine 5 and associated assets.

I found some really cool assets on the Unreal Engine Marketplace that I wanted to do something cool with. So I downloaded them, prepared a scene and optimized the characters for motion capture inside of Character Creator 4 and iClone 8.

Alchemists Confession

Behind-the-Scenes Footage of How the Film Was Made

This is a behind the scenes look at the Unreal Engine 5 short film, An Alchemist’s Confession which was created in only 5 days using the tools for real-time animation and virtual production.

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