Flowers and Insects Wander Around the Circle of Life in a Stunning 8K Music Video for ÆDAN’s ‘Evolution’

Color artist Thomas Blanchard (previously) created an absolutely stunning music video for the ÆDAN song “Evolution”. This 8K video features beautifully shot macro flora and fauna wandering around the circle of life with almost anthropomorphic purposes at times. Blanchard spent a great deal of time with these flowers and insects in order to capture the smallest of details.

Weeks of filming in isolation with a host of insects and plants to better understand their mechanism and interactions. The result is a striking spectacle where you can observe life with a new eye. Shot in 8K to observe at best microscopic details, this new clip by Aedan will tickle your curiosity and your emotions by offering you a journey into a world that is both near and far, sublime and unforgiving.

via Vimeo Staff Picks