AbilityList, A Multi-Platform Website That Gives People With Disabilities Access to Local Resources and Each Other

AbilityList is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating a single point-of-service multi-platform website that connects Americans with disabilities with the local services, resources and community they need. Co-founders Theresa Previ, Andrew Horn and Andrew Zitek are currently seeking funding through an Indigogo campaign to bring their vision to life.

The way things are now, searching for disability resources is a difficult and incomplete practice that produces uninspiring results leaving people feeling disconnected. This disconnect can lead to the unnecessary isolation of people with disabilities. We are looking to change that. AbilityList aims to be a “one stop shop” directory of disability resources including automatic updates and an engaged community of users who connect and share the helpful things they know about. The more money we raise the faster we can begin to expand into other cities and even beyond our website. We’re launching in New York City first and once we’ve worked out the kinks, we will expand into every city in the country and eventually around the globe.