A Very Rare Encounter With a Subterranean Limbless Amphibian That Looks Like a Giant Earthworm

While seeking shelter during a storm in the Costa Rican rainforest, the soaked Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson and his crew came across the very rare sight of a caecilian, an incredible limbless amphibian that looks like a giant earthworm. This sighting was very unusual as these amphibians are completely subterranean and only surface is when the ground becomes too flooded from a rainstorm.

A Caecilian, while at first glance looks exactly like a giant earthworm, is actually an amphibian more closely related to salamanders. It’s definitely NOT a Worm. These subterranean crawlies live in the loose soils and substrate all over the world. They are very elusive and almost never seen by humans, so even though the rain forced the camera crew to take shelter Coyote just had to share this amazing encounter with the Coyote Pack!