A Sweet Little Goat Sits On Top of Her Very Flexible Human While She’s Performing Yoga Poses

A sweet little goat name Penny Lane, who lives in the sunny climes of Costa Rica, endeavors to keep up with her very flexible human Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl, whenever she’s practicing her moves. Mostly Penny keeps her balance while perched atop Brathem’s back or demonstrating her jumping skills. When she’s not exercising, Penny can be found relaxing on top of towels, hanging out with dogs or surfing the blue-green sea. Brathem, who also runs a wellness organization talked about her exercise regimen.

ometimes we get so caught up in what we want to change that we start seeing flaws instead of focusing on getting inspired to move and feel good,” Rachel explained to Metro. “It’s important to celebrate the good things. Your body does so much for you every day… It’s so much easier to stick to an exercise routine when we appreciate what our bodies can do

It seems that Penny Lane agrees.

Jumping. That's what goats do! (and @yoga_girl )??????#pennythegoat

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I love to play Obstacle Course with mommy when she's on her yoga mat?????????? #pennythegoat #climbing #whosthatbaby

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@penny_thegoat strikes again…???????????? #yogaeverydamnday

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So… This is my new family. Really? #baaaa #theyaresoweird #baaa

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Baa! Not sure how I got here. But I like it! Baaa. #sup #pennythegoat

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