A Skinny Little Fruit Bat Eagerly Enjoys a Bit of Yummy Banana Smoothie

A little fruit bat eagerly enjoyed a yummy banana smoothie under the guidance of a wonderful human working with the organization behind Batzilla the Bat. The young bat had been rescued from a place without access to food and had lost too much weight, a concern that the banana smoothie was immediately addressing.

Each year we rescue a number of skinny juveniles that have for whatever reason, found themselves in trouble. Without the life skills of their older cousins, these littlies find themselves trapped in strange places, stranded alone in trees during the day, they get caught on barbed wire and in large aperture netting or they have been the victims of car hits or predator attacks. …Banana smoothie is always readily accepted and it usually doesn’t take long to put on some weight and move them to the flight aviary to recuperate with our other batties in care. This little juvi was rescued at a local colony after trying to fly out to feed. We think his mum didn’t return following misadventure and he was so desperately hungry that he had no other option. Fortunately, this little boy was eventually returned to the wild in much better condition and with much brighter prospects than when he had when he was rescued.

It appears that fruit bats really enjoy bananas.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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