A Reticent Michael Jackson Briefly Wows the Audience When James Brown Calls Him to the Stage

During the “One Special Night” concert at the Beverly Theater in August of 1983, “godfather of soul” James Brown, who was accompanied by the legendary bluesman B.B. King, lovingly invited a somewhat reticent Michael Jackson onto the stage.. Once onstage, the young Thriller star wowed the audience with an impromptu song and dance routine, during which he quite skillfully blended the very distinct dance moves of the man who invited him up there with his own.

…halfway through the set that evening James Brown introduced a very special guest to join him onstage – a 25 year old Michael Jackson, hot on the heels of his Thriller album at the time, inconspicuously watching the show from the audience. Michael wowed the crowd with a spontaneous song and dance performance that was spectacular and all too brief.