A Rescued Donkey Smiles For the Camera After Being Saved from a Rushing River in Killorglin, Ireland

Smiling for the Camera

Suzanne Gibbons of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) put out an urgent call for help via Facebook when she saw a helpless donkey trapped in the rushing current of a river near Killorglin, Ireland. Help came in the form of Mike Fleming of the Killorglin Rowing Club who generously offered his time, his motor-boat and his strength to rescue the drowning jenny. Thankfully, the mission was successful and once on dry land, everyone involved (including the donkey) cracked a big smile for the camera. The donkey has since been named Mike and is making himself right at home at AHAR.

Code red. Today’s emergency. Please help me. There is a donkey stranded in deep flooding in Kilorglin. I need a boat and men to help. I have ropes etc Please ring 087 3157085 Please get me help

Posted by Animal Heaven Animal Rescue on Sunday, December 6, 2015



On Land

Laughing Donkey On Dry Land

Safe Inside

Cheeky Boy

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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