A Mesmerizing Time Lapse of Workers Lowering the First Truss From the Old San Francisco Bay Bridge

In footage from February 2016, video journalist Mark Jones reported on the dismantling of the now defunct 504 span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, explaining the process step-by-step. In doing so he created a truly mesmerizing time lapse of the first truss of the old bridge being lowered down, inch by inch onto waiting barges. The final truss

The lowering took all day Friday, arriving at the next most complicated and potentially dangerous moment gently releasing those five million pounds onto not one but two waiting barges. More time and daylight was needed for that engineering feat. …the anchored barges Friday evening were moved to spread the load. Finally on Saturday we were able to set the truss down onto the barges…

Since this report all of the trusses have been removed – the last one on August 10, 2016

via The Kid Should See This