A Loyal Stray Dog Shows a Compassionate Trucker How to Locate His Bunny Pal In Need of Assistance

While driving his rig through Jacksonville, Florida, Ohio trucker Dan O’Grady happened upon a little stray dog on the side of a highway who, despite being hungry, refused to go with the compassionate man. Instead, the dog led him into the trees to show him where his bunny friend lay in need of assistance. O’Grady took both of the animals with him, named them “Interstate” (bunny) and “Highway”(Dog), fed them some food from a truck stop and eventually left them in the caring hands of the Summit Humane Society in Twinsburg, Ohio. O’Grady specifically chose Summit because they rescue both dogs and bunnies. Highway has since found his forever home. Interstate required some medical care, but is currently available for adoption.