A Lone Man Perches Upon the Snout of Lord Snort, a Kinetic Wild Boar Sculpture at Burning Man 2016

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A picture entitled “Anything but Boaring” by Jeremy Chiu was the most liked Instagram photo from Burning Man 2016 during the first week of December, per a tweet from the official organization account. The picture features a shirtless man perching upon the snout of an incredible kinetic wild boar sculpture named Lord Snort.

Lord Snort was created by Bryan Tedrick, a Northern California artist who is well known throughout the Burning Man Community and beyond for his gorgeous large-scale sculptures.

Tedrick is a master of balance and kinetic sculptures. Many of his themes involve nature and animals. He has been a regular participant at Burning Man where he relishes in being able to work in a very large scale. Besides sculptures, Tedrick’s portfolio includes public art commissions, gates, portals screens and railings. His works can be seen regionally in Kenwood, Healdsburg, and Santa Rosa.

More of Lord Snort at Burning Man 2016:

Photographer Duncan Rawlinson also captured several amazing photos of Lord Snort, which he generously shared on his Facebook page.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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