A Handy Stackable Electric Drink Dispenser With Rotating Paddles to Accelerate Infusion

Electric Infuser

INF300 Electric Infuser Accelerator Dispenser by Nostalgia Electrics is a handy machine to have on hand for a party or gathering. The unit comes with three stackable dispensers, each with its own spigot, separate infusion chamber and rotating blade that accelerates the infusion and stirs the drink.

Simply pair your favorite liquid with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more for limitless flavor combinations. Crafted drinks are dispensed through the built-in easy-pour spigots. Each 1-gallon dispenser is stackable and includes a rotating paddle that neatly stirs the ingredients to speed up the infusion process, while allowing the flexibility to quickly offer three different infused drinks for parties and family gatherings.


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via The Awesomer