A Fun Set of Tiki Head Cocktail Glasses That Lend a Tropical Feel to Any Drink


Firebox is currently featuring a fun set of Tiki-themed cocktail glasses made in the image of the famous Easter Island Moai (heads only) and lend a mid-century tropical feel to particularly rum-based cocktails.

That’s right, kitsch 50’s Hawaiian chic is back with a steel-drummed fanfare and Tiki Glasses are taking the world by storm. No longer seen as novelty barware, these distinctive vessels are now a key component in the latest craft cocktail and mixology trends. Everyone knows that cocktails are at least 90% presentation and only 10% flavour; with this set of four Tiki Glasses at your disposal you can finally take your Mai Tais to the next level – transforming them from exquisite Caribbean delights into mighty shamanic totems of booze!

Tiki Glasses Clear


Tiki Glasses Clear

Blue Closeup