A Brilliantly Conceived Stick-On Wireless MIDI Controller Made Specifically for Acoustic Guitars

The ACPAD is a brilliantly conceived, adhesive, wireless and rechargeable MIDI controller that allows acoustic guitarists to accompany themselves with a variety of electronic sounds and tools that are available at the tips of their fingers. The ACPAD was invented by Robin Sukroso, a percussive guitar player who wanted to blend together the acoustic with the electric. The idea was successfully funded through Kickstarter and the company is now accepting advance orders for delivery in June 2016.

ACPAD is the World’s First Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar.
With ACPAD, you have access to hundreds of instruments, sound effects and loops – right where you want them: on your guitar.

ACPAD Attach

Playing ACPAD

images via ACPAD

Thanks Shelby DeNike!