A Brilliant Photo Series That Captures the Deliciously Apprehensive Moment Just Before Disaster Strikes

Photographer Aaron Tilley and set designer Kyle Bean collaborated together to create “In Anxious Anticipation“, an absolutely brilliant photo series that captures the delicious pit-of-stomach, adrenaline-driven apprehension that spikes just a moment before disaster strikes. The photos accompanied a written piece by Jordan Kushins for Kinfolk Magazine, who spoke about that very moment in the Adrenaline issue of the magazine.

Whether we’re readying ourselves for the start of an event or just imagining ourselves partaking in it, the buzz of nervous anticipation is sometimes as satisfying as the reward at the end. Often just the thought of what if? can be as potent as the act itself, and the thrill of the chase may occasionally be more powerful than the real deal. By learning to embrace the heady feelings that gurgle within us before fear takes hold, we can rediscover our personal lust for life—whether that’s through vicarious voyeurism or holding our breath before actually plunging into the deep.