A Brilliant Mashup That Combines the Iconic Art of Piet Mondrian With the Classic Arcade Game Pong


In answer to a formidable challenge by b3ta to turn famous works of art into video games or the reverse, designer Happy Toast created “Pongdrian“, a brilliant combination of the iconic work of Piet Mondrian with the old-school simplicity of the classic arcade game Pong.

A few days later, Kristiana Hansen of KMH Creative, inspired by Happy Toast’s work, made an interactive version of the idea that can be played online or be downloaded for later use. Hansen also posted the open source code on GitHub.

It was surprising that a Google search didn’t turn up a playable version of it, so I made one and here it is! The size and position of the elements is designed to reflect the size and positioning of the elements in the original animated GIF, even though they aren’t necessarily ideal for a playable game.

image via Happy Toast

via Boing Boing

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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