A Baby Tamandua (Anteater) Born at The Staten Island Zoo

Baby Anteater Born at Staten Island Zoo

In January the Staten Island Zoo in New York City announced that an absolutely adorable male baby Tamandua named MJ was born to mother DJ and father EJ.

Tamandua are a kind of anteater found in Central and South America west of the Andes. They have partially prehensile tails and spend much of their time in trees. Solitary animals, they are generally active at night, foraging in trees for food, mainly ants and termites. They have long tongues that can extend up to 16 inches (40 cm), but have no teeth to chew; instead, they have a gizzards that grind up food.

Welcome to the world little guy.

Baby Tamandua Shows Long Tongue at Staten Island Zoo

Baby Tamandua with Mom at Staten Island Zoo

Baby Tamandua

Baby Tamandua in tree

images via ZooBorns

via ZooBorns