Engineer Builds a .50 Caliber Pressure Actuated Nutcracker That’s Powerful Enough to Crack a Steel Nut

Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here built a .50 caliber pressure-actuated nutcracker named Jaws that is powerful enough to crack a steel nut. Wighton engineered the hell out of this nutcracker utilizing blank shells, intricate design, numerous formulas, and extra safety precautions so as to not cause injury to anyone around.

This is Jaws. Jaws is not a nutcracker he’s a nut obliterator. He’s 15 000 times more powerful than a normal nutcracker so load up and strap on your body armor because with jaws you just might need it.

Jaws Nutcracker Comparison

After a few false starts and a variety of test subjects, Jaws finally cracked that metal nut.

Cracking Metal Nut Nutcracker