A Mesmerizing 4 Hour Real Time Orbit Around the Moon

Astronomical filmmaker Seán Doran has cleaned up archival HD photos taken aboard the JAXA/NHK (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Kayuga Orbiter and compiled them into a mesmerizing, real-time video of a four-hour orbit around the moon.

Source is denoised, repaired, graded & retimed for this film. Based on JAXA / NHK Kaguya Orbiter archive.

The Moon. For REAL.

4 hours of @JAXA_en Kaguya Orbiter archive converted to real time.

Denoised, repaired, graded & retimed.

Full version: https://t.co/omTZqqhNKA pic.twitter.com/ES5NDS21V8

— Seán Doran (@_TheSeaning) February 1, 2021