An Amazing 3D Printed Ghost Rider Mask Complete With Blinking LED Eyes and Working Smoke Effects

Ghost Rider Mask

For Halloween 2018, craftsman Mike Warren a.k.a. “mikeasaurus” created a truly badass Ghost Rider mask complete with blinking LED eyes and working smoke effects. Warren show how he made the mask in an amazing timelapse, but for those of us who need to take things a bit slower, he also posted step-by-step instructions on Instructables.

I made this Ghost Rider costume by 3D printing a skull I found on Thingiverse (free), modifying it in Tinkercad (also free), then printing it out and painting it. All the electronics and controls were kept incredibly simple, and are controlled by a cluster of buttons held in one hand and operated by momentary switches.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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