Whimsical 3D Embroidery of Women Whose Long Hair, Dresses and Tactile Clothing Flow Right Off the Hoop

Fiber artist Ceren of Kayra Handmade creates wonderfully whimsical 3D embroideries of women whose long hair, long skirts, and tactile clothing flow right off the hoop. Each piece tells a dioramic story of that woman in a specific place and time. Ceren told Ballpit Magazine that many of these scenes start from her memory or photograph but soon build upon themselves.

My artistic process usually starts with a vision, either from a memory, a photograph, or a scene. If it is an abstract piece, then I try to imagine how that memory or scene makes me feel in colors and shapes. ..I imagine a woman and her surroundings, Where is she?, What is she feeling?, Is she dreaming, missing someone, gathering her strength for a battle?. Once I have a slight vision of her and her surroundings/feelings, I started to sketch her body. After that, everything flows freely.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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