1Password Partners With Musician Jonathan Mann to Write a Song About the Importance of a Strong Master Password

AgileBits, the maker of 1Password and other computer security products, recently partnered with singer/songwriter Jonathan Mann of the Song-a-Day project, to produce “How To Choose A Password“, a catchy tune about the importance of a strong master password.

One of our goals with 1Password is to make security convenient. We’ve thought long and hard about how to make the process of choosing this important password simpler and more friendly for our new users. Could we make the password creation process fun, and maybe even danceable? Why not? We called on our friend, Jonathan Mann, to help us teach everyone how to create a strong Master Password. It turns out, his method involves a lot less reading.

I Have Two Dogs

I Have 35 Bats

images via Agile Bits

via Jonathan Mann, 1Password