1000 Musicians Simultaneously Perform ‘Learn To Fly’ to Persuade the Foo Fighters to Play Concert in Italy

The Rockin’ Thousand is a group of 1,000 incredibly talented musicians who came together from all over Italy to simultaneously perform the now-classic Foo Fighters song “Learn To Fly” in a historic effort to persuade the band to play a concert in Romagna, a historical district in northern Italy. Conceived in 2014 by Fabio Zaffagnini, a multi-lingual musician, adventurer and TEDx speaker, the project took many months to come together through crowdfunding and of course, finding the right musicians who could synchronize with other musicians perfectly.

The Rockers have been selected online: they had to leave their personal information and a video showing their ability. Through the months, our Music Gurus examined every single video (thousands!) and decided whether the rocker was good enough or not. The data management and the communications passed through an automatic web system, nevertheless, part of the work requested one-on-one calls.Every Rocker had a personal area with all the information needed for the participation, like the Music Gurus Tutorial

The Rockin’ Thousand is now awaiting a response from the band about the show, although they seemed to like the video a lot.

This is the video that started it all.

Made It

UPDATE: The Foo Fighters responded a few hours later with an encouraging message via Twitter.

(See you soon, Cesena…Davide)

UPDATE 2: Dave Grohl uploaded a video response, speaking in Italian to the Rockin’ Thousand

image via Fabio Zaffagini

via The Awesomer

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