A Powerful Comic About Living Past a 10 Year Milestone After Being Treated for Breast Cancer in 2010

10 Years xkcd

In November 2010, Megan, then fiancée (now wife) of Randall Munroe, the creator behind the wonderful webcomic xkcd, received the devastating diagnosis of stage III breast cancer. Throughout her eight months of treatment, several xkcd comics covered the diagnosis, treatment options, T-Cells, gaining perspective, getting tattooed for radiation, fear of looking too far into the future, and marking milestone.

Now that Megan has hit her 10 year anniversary of being NED (no evidence of disease), the pair are swept up in joyful disbelief about living past what felt to be an unrealistic goal while reaffirming their love for one another.

When they showed me my 10 year survival chart, I didn’t really believe that I would make it here. I don’t understand why you married me when I looked so bad. But it was very sweet.