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Artist Creates an Incredible Array of Detailed Portraits Drawn Entirely With Coffee


Commercial artist Maria A. Aristidou has created an incredible array of amazingly detailed portraits using different blends of coffee on watercolor paper. Maria has stated that the first portrait was “made by accident” but “coffee painting has really grown” on her. Among her subjects are R2-D2 and Yoda from Star Wars, Bob Marley, Davy Jones, Hugh Laurie, and a variety of Disney characters, just to name a few.

Aristidou has also created a stop-motion video that captures her remarkable process of “coffee drawing” R2-D2.


Davy Jones Coffee Painting

Hugh Laurie


Bob Marley

Girl with Pearl Earring


images via Maria A. Aristidou

via FoodBeast

Starbucks to Begin Testing In-Person Coffee Delivery Through Its Mobile App in Seattle


Starbucks has joined forces with delivery service Postmates for a pilot program to bring in-person deliveries to the Starbucks mobile app in the second half of 2015. Users place their orders through the desktop or mobile version of the service, and a Postmates driver stops off at a location and picks up and delivers a piping-hot caffeine fix.

With such incredible traction on their leading mobile payment app, Starbucks delivery by Postmates is an extension of what customers are looking for today, and provides a type of convenience that was never before available.

image via Postmates

How to Connect a Coffee Maker to a Network in Order to Monitor Office Brewing Habits

Coffee Maker

Foursquare software engineer David Taylor has created a detailed breakdown of how he connected a coffee maker to a network in order to monitor office brewing habits. The hacked system, which utilizes an Electric Imp microcontroller, monitors brews as they commence and end, sending a message to the office’s Slack coffee chat room, and compiles hourly and weekly brewing trends. Interested parties can also check out Taylor’s code for the project.



images via David Taylor

A Biodegradable Coffee Cup With Embedded Seeds That Grow Into a Tree When Planted

San Luis Obispo, California sustainability company Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has developed a biodegradable coffee cup that features embedded seeds designed to grow into a tree when the whole thing is planted into ground, as per the included instructions on the bottom. The cup, which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, utilizes local seeds based on where the cup is distributed. Even if the cup isn’t planted, it will still biodegrade in a landfill within 180 days, turning into nutrients for other plant life.




images via Reduce. Reuse. Grow.

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The Peculiar Experience of Ordering Coffee in San Francisco

In their latest video, Steve Goldbloom and Noah Pink of Everything But the News (previously) dramatically reenact the peculiar experience of ordering coffee in San Francisco. Everything But the News is part of the PBS Digital Studios network.

San Francisco’s Philz Coffee Raises $15 Million to Expand Nationwide

Philz Coffee

TechCrunch reports that Philz Coffee, the San Francisco-based company known for its strong one-cup-at-time coffee, has recently raised $15 million from investors to expand nationwide. The company, which was started by Phil Jaber in 2003 with a single location in San Francisco’s Mission District, currently has 18 Bay Area locations (including one at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto) and one outpost in Los Angeles.

photo via Philz Coffee

via TechCrunch

An Excited Cockatiel Adorably Runs in Little Circles to the Sound of Coffee Being Made

An excited cockatiel adorably chirps and runs in circles to the sound of coffee being stirred by its human companion in a 2006 video uploaded by Amy Lowry.

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Creative Motorcycle Drawings With Coffee Cup Ring Stains Forming the Wheels

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Drawings by Carter Asmann

Artist Carter Asmann has created a delightful series of motorcycle drawings in which the wheels are formed by coffee cup ring stains. Asmann has used coffee stains as his muse for many more drawings, which can be seen on his blog and his Instagram. He also sells prints of the drawings online.

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Drawings by Carter Asmann

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Drawings by Carter Asmann

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Drawings by Carter Asmann

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Drawings by Carter Asmann

photos by Carter Asmann

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