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‘Central Perk’, Coffee Shop From the Television Show ‘Friends’ to Open in New York for Show’s 20th Anniversary

Central Perk Popup Shop Mockup

The iconic “Central Perk” coffee shop from the television show Friends will be opening a popup location in New York City’s SoHo district this September. The opening will coincide with the show’s 20th anniversary, and will be a chance for Friends fans to visit the frequently-used location from the show. The popup shop will even include the actual orange sofa used as a set piece on Friends.

Warner Bros has partnered with Eight O’Clock Coffee to launch the real-life Central Perk location at 199 Lafayette St. in Manhattan. It will open to the public between September 17 and October 18. The shop will offer free Eight O’Clock Coffee, host contests and giveaways, and will have weekly in-store performances that Warner Bros says will be “akin to Phoebe’s improvised songs; who can forget ‘Smelly Cat‘?”

The run of the popup shop will coincide with National Coffee Day on September 29, and Eight O’Clock Coffee will be hosting special activities and giveaways in conjunction with the holiday. Eight O’Clock Coffee will also be selling a special “Central Perk Roast” blend of coffee. The Friends-themed coffee is now available online, and will hit store shelves in September.

Central Perk Popup Shop Mockup

images via Warner Bros

via Warner Bros

The Barisieur, A Clever Combination Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer by Josh Renouf

The Barisieur is a clever design concept by UK-based designer Josh Renouf for a combination alarm clock and coffee brewer. Instead of a jarring alarm, the Barisieur wakes the user through the subtle sound of steel balls jostling in a water boiler — the balls heat the water through induction — and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The device also features a drawer for coffee grounds and sugar, and a vial for milk.

The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer by Josh Renouf

The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer by Josh Renouf

The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer by Josh Renouf

The Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer by Josh Renouf

photos via Josh Renouf

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Philz Coffee Opens Their First Shop Outside of San Francisco Bay Area in Santa Monica, California

Philz Storefront Santa Monica

San Francisco Bay Area mainstay Philz Coffee has opened shop in Santa Monica, California, their first location outside of the San Francisco Bay Area since their inception in 2003.

It all started in 2003, from the humble and passionate roots of Phil Jaber. As he would tell you, Frank Sinatra was born to sing, and Phil Jaber was born to make coffee. The rest goes like this: About 25 years ago Phil first began experimenting with different beans from around the world with the goal in mind of making really great tasting blends. Phil wanted each blend to be flavorful, complex, rich, smooth and low in acidity. After about 25 years of experimentation and testing, Phil has created more than 30 unique blends that achieve all of this. After perfecting his blends, Phil wanted to make sure each cup was made in a way that brought out all the flavors of the coffee. He wanted a brewing method that would involve his other passion, people and community. Phil believes coffee is personal and social, and he wanted to make sure the coffee-making process embodied this and made each cup taste really great.

This is great news for Angelenos who love good coffee. In fact, musician Snoop Dog and digital strategist Andy Sternberg have already shared their own joy of the news.

Philz Counter

Philz Overview

Philz Menu

images by Frank Lee for Eater, Snoop Dogg

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The Vault, A Self-Serve Coffee Shop in North Dakota That Operates on the Honor System

The Vault is a self-serve coffee shop located in a former bank building in Valley City, North Dakota where customers pay on the honor system. When customers are finished serving themselves, there’s a credit card reader and a slot for checks and cash. There are some security measures on-hand, but the shop’s owners mostly rely on the honesty of Valley City’s community to police themselves.

Many people ask how we are not being robbed blind. A lessor factor is that we have cameras – though their primary purpose is to help provide a safe atmosphere. More important is the good will of the people of Valley City. Generally speaking the people of Valley City are more generous than dishonest. In the first seven months of being open we averaged 15% more than our asking prices.

In a report on the coffee shop by Aaron Boerner for local news station KVRR, co-founder David Brekke insists that he didn’t realize self-service was a novel concept in the world of coffee shops.

At the time, I didn’t realize how unique that was. I thought it just made sense and I found out later by Googling that there just isn’t anything like it.

The Vault

The Vault

The Vault

photos via The Vault

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‘Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine’, A Parody of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Featuring Joel McHale & Tony Hale

“Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine” is an amusing video by The Soup that parodies the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series. The video features host Joel McHale picking up actor Tony Hale before heading over to their local cocaine dealer.

“The Soup” host Joel McHale takes joy riding in a classic 1959 ride to new heights with “Veep” star Tony Hale. Who wants booger sugar?!