Zip N Store Racks Make It Easy To Organize and Store Food in Resealable Plastic Bags

Zip N Store Fridge Drawer

The Zip N Store system developed by Len Kensey is designed to let users easily organize and store food in resealable plastic bags to help minimize food waste. The main features of the system are racks that can be installed in a refrigerator or cabinet to keep bags of food upright and in order to maximize use of space. Zip N Store also includes a flexible mat that can be used to easily load food into bags and a tray for freezing small portions of food.

Kensey has taken to Kickstarter to launch the Zip N Store system.

We think that an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. We know that the stresses of keeping things clean and organized can completely ruin the fun of cooking! That’s why we created Zip n Store.

Zip N Store System

Zip N Store Dry Goods

via Gadget Flow, The Awesomer