Craftsman Uses Diet Coke to Help Restore a Rusted Vintage WWII Coca-Cola Metal Six-Pack Container

Odd Tinkering quite skillfully restored a vintage Coca-Cola six-pack container from World War II, using the Diet Coke to remove the rust. He put the container into a metal tub and then poured in a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke. He then set his little rubber duckie atop the bubbles and let the soda work. The container was mostly free of rust when it came out of its artificially sweetened bath, but he also sanded it down to remove what was left.

I decided to not use laser for rust removal this time, simply because I didn’t want to miss opportunity to restore Coca-Cola item with Coke. I used sugar free version to avoind averything getting sticky. After 5 days in Coca-Cola lot of rust had fallen off and the rest came off with metal brush easily., without any treatment it will take ages to get rust off with only a wire brush.

To finish up, he painted the container in its original colors and added a new handle, as the original was missing.

The carrier was also missing the handle. I searched some pictures what teh handles had looken like. I took a piece of beech wood and turned it into the correct shape on a lathe.

Extremely Rusty Vintage Coca Cola 6-pack Restoration
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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