Writer’s Block, An Amateur Film Starring Bryan Cranston

During a forced break in the filming of Cold Comes the Night in 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy, actor Bryan Cranston challenged each of the film’s production assistants (P.A.’s) to write a script out of which he would choose his favorite. The winner, Writer’s Block written by Brandon Polanco, came to life as a stark black-and-white film starring Mr. Cranston himself.

Cranston read the scripts blind and then selected the one to shoot: Polanco’s. Within hours, the team got to work. “I would spend the entire experience of the shoot working on my days off from the feature, and hiding out in my room cutting the entire film together to present to Bryan,” Polanco wrote. The result is what Polanco calls “a story of a group of young people getting a chance to tell a story that would teach us another level of filmmaking … a chaotic love affair that evokes my true feelings toward writing.” – The Austin Chronicle

via Austin Chronicle, Washington Post